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another ditty whilst trying to find sleep and comfort. happy hunting

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A tune I made while walking carlisle, freestyle lyrics and little effort. But it feels good to get out.

gidgetsucks heh heh heh

gidgetsucks heh heh heh




Hyrule Field Maine Theme, by Meine Meinung (feat. Milt, Ocarina)

Absolutely stunning.

ooooo nice

dry shoes by Satam
grape balls #adeliciousmeal

grape balls #adeliciousmeal

What was the first song you played the entire way through?

Karma Police by Radiohead.

What is your faaavorite beverage to have after a show?

If I strained my throat during the show, cold water or hot peppermint tea. If I am a sweaty mess and I didn’t overdo it on my pipes I ache for a celebratory can of coke.


Hey fans, we decided that the band is going downhill now after all…

Above is a small video Bunny and I filmed of us jumping to our demise.

Goodbye cruel world.

I am just kidding…

I couldn’t resist after Sam came up with the idea.


its a metaphore, I’m the river…